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"Marketing is not expensive, accurate delivery and actual conversion rate are the most important!"

Founded in 2020, the original intention is only one goal, hoping that Taiwan's small and medium-sized business owners, self-employed, self-employed, and self-employed can be seen by more people, so that they can promote good things from Taiwan to the world

Service customers include: the United States, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., with rich experience in international marketing services.

Meichen provides: Taiwan, Japan, the United States - international marketing services, saving a lot of manpower, time and money, and entering the local market quickly and accurately.

The company's business philosophy: "Perfect service for you, and brand value"

The company's service tenet: "Marketing is not expensive, accurate delivery and actual conversion rate are the most important!"

There are four core projects: digital marketing, physical events, commercial photography, customer marketing.

The extension projects are: global media public relations, visual design.

Each project is carried out by project personnel, with more than five years of team marketing experience, and teamwork together to create online and offline resource integration capabilities and multiple marketing solutions.



our service

We have a complete online and offline OMO integration model, professional photography team, diversified inbound marketing services, global media release, and international marketing services, which can expand all-round marketing cooperation exposure for you.Provide brands and business owners with "affordable but not cheap" high-quality services, as well as a "free marketing health check", to make careful calculations for your budget.

Choose Meichen, let's work togetherChenA win-win and a better future!

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