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Cross-domain connection. Precise delivery


As a brand operator
Are you also facing the following dilemmas?

Want to build your own brand,
But don't know where to start


Unfamiliar with internet marketing operations,
Want to get closer to consumers


spend a lot of time and money
Selling products, but not as effective as expected


Lack of marketing specialist coordination,
It is difficult to send packages and docking everywhere, and it is lost.


Meichen utilizes a complete online and offline OMO integration model,
Help you tailor the most suitable marketing plan, even a small budget can have great effects!



our service

The big 5G generation with one phone per person, let the Internet promote your brand at the speed of light
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community management

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Various copywriting

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​Official website design

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Business Design

Become a topic maker and let brands actually penetrate consumers' lives!
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media exposure

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  Product launch

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Theme activities

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Exhibition planning

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  Package Integrated Marketing

More eye-catching still/moving images, impressive in 3 seconds!
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Product photography

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Corporate image photo

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Image video

icon2工作區域 8.png

Unboxing Videos

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Creative Advertising

Hundreds of KOL and artist, model, host database,
Fast and accurate to the ideal candidate
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Brand endorsement

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Product configuration

icon2工作區域 11.png

live shopping guide

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event gathering

Thanks to 30+ brands trust to create the most effective marketing

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Company base

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