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Under the rapid changes of the Internet world, FB, IG and even Douyin have risen one after another.

The amount of information is overwhelming, and the platform operation consumes a lot of labor costs?

Meichen online multi-integration, 1 cooperation reaches 5 people's marketing team.

Cooperation Process

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Early consultation

Communication of customer needs

Free Marketing Health Checkwith quotes

contract drafting

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Project execution

Program and schedule planning

Draft revision (1-2 times)

On-line and continuous optimization

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Confirm case closed

Invoice request

customer satisfaction feedback

Value-added service offers


our service

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community management

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Various copywriting

​Official website design

Business Design

Meichen's all-round professional marketing team, through one-on-one free consultation,for your customers

Make exclusive package solutions to accurately meet your brand needs!

network online series
Let the community be your brand accelerator.

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